Edith Altman

6,000,000 Almonds / Buchenwald

Discovering what happened to the Citizens of Altenburg, Germany


Retrospective at Lindenau Museum, Germany


Altman had a retrospective/installation/action/teach in with art students of the city, Altenburg Germany at that city and in Buchenbwald Concentration Camp. When there she noticed the graffiti on the wails read "Poles get out/Turks get out". As so many years before the walls had read  "Jews get out, Gypsies get out".


The project "The lost children of Altenburg" stemmed from a book that a former playmate of hers had written about what happened to the citizens whom were no longer there. The children using available documentation that identified the houses in town that had been lived in by Jews before their banishment and extermination, the students and teachers researched what had happened to these families. The students then responded to the information, which was largely unknown to them, by creating imaginative projects to help them work through this new information and their accompanying emotions.  They wrote poems, created paintings and sculptures and wrote letters to the dead children.  These works were later included in Altman's installation at Buchenwald, which open simultaneously with her museum retrospective. (see above slides)