Edith Altman


Remembering Forgotten Chatter

Roman Jakobson as noted in Daniel Heller-Roazen's Echolalias


"... infants, he maintained, are capable of everything. Without the slightest effort, they can produce any - and all - sounds contained in human languages."



No limit can be set on baby's phonic powers.

Do you hear me?


Can you see me?


Do you know me?

"when words like mama or dada are formed, that is generally only a coincidence. Indeed, studies have shown that the young babies' babbling includes a wide variety of sounds, from virtually all the languages of the world – including some sounds that are not found in the language spoken around them. At that stage, the babies are doing some general practicing that will prepare them to learn English or French or Japanese or any other language."


Daniel Heller-Roazen; Echolalias

and the people all spoke one language, and he confounded the language into many languages